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                                         viglidan agoston - kontakt: 0036 306 392 408 , viglidan960@gmail.com

Basic information:

  • Entry fee for 1 young pigeon is 75, - €.+ 3€ TRANSPORT.  Awards are calculated by the participation of 1500 young pigeons.
  • Application to sign the young pigeons into one-loft race after completing send by email to tatry.test@gmail.com, or to postal address.
  • Fully completed APPLICATION with all information you submit when handing young pigeons to the one-loft race. Please, prepare the list of delivered young doves with their names for the taking over. 
  • Income of young pigeons to one-loft race is in period between 1.4.2022 and 27.5.2022
  • Takeover of young pigeons in one-loft race every day from 12:00 to 20:00 or by phone
  • Age of young pigeons - 40-45 days
  • Dodané holuby musia byť vakcinované proti PMV minimálne 14 dní pred dodaním.
  • Entry fee can be paid directly by income or by agreement with the organizer
  • Each fancier or team can add an unlimited number of young pigeons
  • To delivery and payment of entry fee for young pigeons "original owner" agrees with the propositions in full range
  • According to number of registered young pigeons from particular areas or regions, collection points will be determined in two periods (for Czech Republic and Slovakia, Western European countries will be solved individually with the coordinator)

Information for the problem-free intake young pigeons:

  • Young pigeons should not be younger than 40 days
  • Young pigeons must have ring edition of 2022
  • On delivery the young pigeons must be submitted properly and legibly filled pedigrees into the second generation with the owner's signature and a certificate of ownership of young pigeons. (In case of failure of this requirement, the owner loses the opportunity to obtain award that forfeited to the benefit of one-loft race)
  • Pedigrees will be after receipt inserted into the envelope, signed, sticky and established.
Trainings and races:
             Young pigeons before first race participate total 7-9 training races from 10km to 130km.
             Young pigeons then have completed - RACE PLAN 2022:      - 4 races from 130km to 350km.
                                                                                                                    - Final race over 500km, which will not shorten.
Final provisions:
  • One-loft race have claimed the right undelivered 1500 yp. percent price cut! Final height of awards will be modified and published June 15, 2022
  • Placing the young pigeons to the one-loft race automatically becomes owner of young pigeons the organizer
  • One-loft race will be under permanent veterinary supervision, Mr. MVDr. Lubos Cuvala, licence number 0682
  • Organizer reserves the right to modify, reduce, postpone or cancel the race due to bad weather or technical problems, etc.
  • Organizer commits that the young pigeons will be re-vaccinated against diphtheria and paramyxo.
  • Organiser undertakes that the final race will not shorten.
  • In case of death of the young pigeon the owner has the right sent to one-loft race compensation free of charge till 10.6.2022.
Auction of young pigeons:
  • After the final race won't young pigeons offered in the public auction, but all pigeons, which returned to the one-loft race, although not completed the final race, will be offered in the Internet auction approx. end of September - November.
  • Owners of auctioned young pigeons obtained from each auctioned pigeon 50% of the auction price.
  • When owner undelivered the pedigree and the license card, he loses share of the auctioned price.
  • Non-auctioned young pigeons will participate in the second round of the auction with decreased starting price, but the owner loses the right to a share of the auction price
  • The remaining young pigeons will be removed from the one-loft race, lofts will be cleaned, disinfected and ready for new season

Other emergency measures!

In the case of extraordinary veterinary measures, the organizer may withdraw from the competition conditions, if the public authority given the disease measures (such as avian flu, etc.). If the situation arises, the young pigeons will be returned to fancier, or by agreement to make large auction, where fancier receives 50% of the auction price.

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